Corporate Governance

The overall responsibility for the Credit Union rests with its member-elected Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors are volunteers and serve without remuneration.

Every year, the Credit Union holds an Annual Meeting open to all members to report on the financial status of BFSFCU and to announce the results of the election of vacant seats of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

  • Anne-Marie Gulde, President
  • Van Pulley, Vice President
  • Pamela O'Connell, Secretary
  • Christopher Towe, Treasurer
  • Vipul Bhagat, Director
  • Diann Dodd Martin, Director
  • Paolo M. Martelli, Director
  • Heidi Hennrich-Hanson, Director
  • Sana Al-Hajj, Director

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The Board of Directors appoints members to serve as volunteers on the following committees:

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is charged with the responsibility of periodically reviewing the Credit Union's policies and internal controls. The committee engages annually an external auditor to perform a thorough review of BFSFCU's financial condition and to make recommendations for process improvements. The results of the auditor's report is published in BFSFCU's Annual Report.

Contact the Supervisory Committee  Read the Supervisory Committee Terms of Reference

Credit Committee

The Credit Committee oversees matters related to the extension of credit to BFSFCU's membership in the form of real estate and consumer loans. The committee is charged with ensuring that loans are granted to members according to the underwriting guidelines set forth by the Credit Union and in compliance with all regulations set forth by the National Credit Union Administration. The activities of the Credit Committee are published in BFSFCU's Annual Report.

Read the Credit Committee Terms of Reference


The Board of Directors appoints a full-time, salaried Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to implement Board policy and manage the Credit Union's activities. Eli Vazquez is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of BFSFCU.

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Standards of Conduct

Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union (BFSFCU) is committed to high standards of ethical, moral, and legal business conduct. All representatives of BFSFCU, including employees, board and committee members, shall maintain high standards of personal honesty, propriety and financial responsibility. We are expected to deliver excellent, accurate and consistent service with every interaction, every time and we will do this with the highest level of ethical and professional conduct and behavior.