Domestic Wire Transfers

The information on this page is for requesting wire transfers within the United States. If you wish to send money overseas, please view this page on international wire transfers.

To ensure timely and accurate receipt of your incoming wire transfer, please provide the sending institution with the following information.

Wire funds to:

For credit to:

  • Recipient’s name
  • Recipient’s Credit Union account number

For our members' convenience, we offer two methods of sending domestic wire transfers: in-person in our branches or through our eWires service within Digital Banking.


eWires are the most convenient, most secure, and fastest method to initiate a wire transfer. Set up new wires or manage beneficiary information securely from within Digital Banking. To activate eWires, please contact the Credit Union at 202-212-6400 or toll-free at 1-800-9-BFSFCU. You may also visit one of our branches where a BFSFCU representative will be able to assist you during normal business hours.

In-Person Requests

We will need the following information to expedite the delivery of your outgoing domestic wire transfer:

  • Your name and signature
  • Your BFSFCU checking account number
  • Date of the requested transfer
  • Dollar amount of the transfer
  • Beneficiary information, including name, address, account number, receiving bank’s name and address, receiving bank’s ABA/Routing Number, and the receiving bank’s ID code (BIC, CHIPS, or SWIFT code)
  • The purpose of your transfer. This is required in order to complete your request.

Please note that, for your safety, BFSFCU has significant security procedures in place for wire transfer requests. Any number of things can increase the time required to process the request, such as insufficient information, verification measures for account security, or the number of intermediary banks. If you have an urgent wire transfer request, please visit one of our branches by 2 pm on any normal business day to have the request expedited.