Incoming International Wire Transfers

The information on this page is for wire transfers originating outside the United States being sent to BFSFCU. If you wish to send or receive money within the U.S., please view this page on domestic wire transfers.



  • Foreign exchange rates are a part of international wire transfers. Foreign currency exchange rates are internal to our processor and are not reflected in currency exchange rate information provided by other sources.
  • Whether money is being sent or received from the U.S., it will need to be converted to or from a foreign currency. A Currency Conversion Charge based on the transaction size will apply. Learn about Incoming Foreign Currencies here. You can avoid the Foreign Currency Conversion Charge by sending U.S. Dollars to your BFSFCU account.
  • There are often associated fees charged by the financial institution and any intermediary banks. Some banks charge fees ranging anywhere between $15-$75 depending on the type of transfer being made. BFSFCU does not charge a fee for incoming wires.


To ensure timely and accurate receipt of your incoming wire transfer, please provide the sending institution with the following information.

Wire funds to:

Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union

1725 I (Eye) Street NW, Washington, DC, USA

ABA (Routing and Transit) Number: 2540-7417-0

SWIFT Code: SFRUUS33 (For USD transfers only)

For credit to:

Recipient's name

Recipient's Credit Union account number

In some cases, the originating bank may not accept an ABA or SWIFT code and/or will require an IBAN. In those cases, please use the instructions provided below for the currency you wish to wire.


You can avoid the Foreign Currency Conversion Charge by sending U.S. Dollars to your BFSFCU account.

For incoming wires in foreign currency, please select a currency to view instructions for incoming wire transfers (instructions in Adobe PDF format):



  • Q: How long does it take for funds from an outgoing international wire transfer to reach my bank outside the United States?

    International (cross-border) wires usually require 3-6 business days to process and land at the destination bank. However, there are several reasons why cross-border payments may be delayed. First, not all account balances can be updated outside the operating hours of local settlement systems. Delays can also arise if compliance checks need to be carried out, especially when a payment passes through different countries and jurisdictions.

    The existence of different data standards and formats between countries can hinder automation, while technological limitations can also prevent funds from being delivered as planned. Some systems rely on batch processing, lack the ability to monitor payments in real time and have low data processing capacity.

  • Q: How is the exchange rate calculated for outgoing and incoming wire transfers?

    Outgoing wires: The exchange rate is based on currency type and amount, so the larger the wire is, the better the exchange rate for the member. There is also a currency conversion charge for non-USD wires published on our website here.

    Incoming wires:  Cross-border banks and corresponding banks may charge a conversion fee prior to the wire being handed off to our processor. The exchange rate and fees are set by the bank sending the wire. There is also a currency conversion charge for incoming non-USD wires published on our website here.


eWires are the most convenient, most secure, and fastest method to initiate a wire transfer. Set up new wires or manage beneficiary information securely from within Digital Banking. To activate eWires, please contact the Credit Union at 202-212-6400 or toll-free at 1-800-9-BFSFCU. You may also visit one of our branches where a BFSFCU representative will be able to assist you during normal business hours.