Visa Debit Card

Your BFSFCU Visa Debit Card comes with great perks like Visa’s Zero Liability Policy1, Member Rewards, and our ATM Surcharge Rebate Program.

Using your BFSFCU Visa Debit Card is safer than carrying cash and comes with Visa’s Zero Liability policy; you are protected against fraud and you pay nothing in the event of fraudulent activity.

Getting your new Visa Debit Card is easy:

  • Visit one of our branches to obtain your debit card instantly; or
  • Call us at (202) 212-6400 and your new debit card and PIN will be mailed to you. You may choose to change your issued PIN under the Self Service menu in Digital Banking.

Member Rewards

Earn one Member Rewards point with every two dollars you spent on signature-based transactions when you enroll in the Visa Debit Member Rewards Program. Points are redeemable for gift cards, merchandise, charitable contributions, hotel stays, rental cars, and air travel (with no "blackout" date restrictions). Redeem as few as 1,100 points for awards and receive merchandise and gift cards from a variety of popular merchants. Simply stop by any branch location or download and complete this enrollment form.

ATM Surcharge Rebate Program

When you enroll in eStatements and use your BFSFCU Visa Debit Card at any non-BFSFCU ATM, the first six surcharges (ATM usage fees) applied to your checking account each month will be rebated to you.2 After the initial six cash withdrawals, members will be responsible for the surcharges associated with non-BFSFCU ATM transactions. To activate e-Statements or e-Alerts, login to Digital Banking, access the Self Service menu, and click on the e-Statement Enrollment link. Please note that failure to maintain a valid email address with the Credit Union will result in the cancellation of eStatements and removal from the ATM Surcharge Rebate Program.

1 Visa's Zero Liability policy does not apply to certain card transactions or transactions not processed by Visa. Cardholders must use care in protecting their card and notify the Credit Union immediately of any unauthorized use. Notify the Credit Union immediately of any fraudulent use. 

2 The primary account owner must be enrolled in eStatements.  The ATM Surcharge Rebate is determined per checking account, not per card.  For multiple debit cards linked to a single checking account, the first 6 surcharges to the checking account are aggregated and rebated at the beginning of the following month.   ATM withdrawals made outside of the United States and its territories may be subject to foreign transaction fees, which are separate from ATM surcharge fees. Foreign transaction fees will not be rebated.