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Education Loans

Reach your education goals with BFSFCU!

From tuition costs and living expenses, to consolidating your current student loan debt, we have the right products to help.

Education Loans

BFSFCU’s Education Loan, with affordable rates and flexible terms, gives you the financial power and peace of mind needed to tackle tuition costs. You can also borrow up to $500 per semester for books and up to $2,000 per semester for living expenses.

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CU Student Choice Undergraduate Loan Program

Need help paying for your undergraduate studies? This student loan program helps you fill the funding gap that federal aid can leave behind by offering you lower cost financing options for higher education. Borrow up to $75,000 to help cover college tuition and fees, plus enjoy additional benefits such as:

  • Flexible payment options—including full deferment until after graduation
  • Lower loan rates
  • No origination fees
  • Line-of-credit convenience (only borrow what you need, when you need it)

CU Student Choice Educational Loan Refinance Program

Do you already have an education loan, or several loans, you are paying back? We may be able to lower your rate, consolidate your student loan debt, and/or make your payments smaller with our CU Student Choice Education Loan Refinance Program. Make sure your current education loans (including Federal PLUS loans) are not "overrated."

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