Membership Eligibility

Who is eligible for Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union membership?

Eligible1 persons include Employees, Staff Members, and Officers of the World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, Bretton Woods Recreation Center, World Bank Children's Center, Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union, and retirees of those organizations.

Membership Criteria Eligible Alert Me
Immediate Family Members Yes
Household Members Yes
Sponsor Employment Alert Me
BFSFCU Employee Yes
Temporary - 1 Year Contract Yes
Short Term Contract - Less than 2 Years Yes
Extended Term Contract Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Privileges Last a Lifetime

BFSFCU’s “once a member, always a member” policy ensures that once you join the credit union, even when circumstances such as employment or retirement change, you can continue to be a member for as long as you choose. All it takes is keeping a minimum of $5 in your Membership Share.


1 All new accounts are subject to eligibility verification. BFSFCU reserves the right to determine membership eligibility and may refuse membership to persons who do not meet the eligibility guidelines as set forth under our federal charter.