The protection and security of your accounts and private information is very important. Our enhanced authentication uses a multi-factor authentication system to conveniently provide you with the highest level of protection.

With enhanced authentication, we use two methods to verify your identity: something you know, and something you have.

Security Questions – Something You Know

Every member is required to set up security questions when enrolling in Online Banking. The enrollment process requires you to select several questions from the list and provide answers to those questions. In addition to your User ID and password, the answers to these questions are the things that you know. When you are making certain transactions, particularly those related to moving money outside of your accounts or changing your personal account information, you may be asked one or more of these questions and must provide the answer before you can proceed. These questions have been chosen to avoid common information that is readily available on the internet, such as your date of birth or the place you were born.

Enhanced Authentication using Phone-Based Verification – Something You Have

With our optional Enhanced Authentication, you take security to the next level by using something that you have - your phone. In using your own phone for authentication, even if a malicious person were to get access to your signon information and could guess at your security questions, they would not have access to your phone, providing you with a second factor for us to verify your identity.

When using phone verification, we will send a unique code to you through a phone number you have specified when additional identity verification is needed. You can opt to have the code sent via an SMS text message to your mobile phone, or you may opt to receive an automated voice message via your mobile phone or landline. You can set up a single phone or multiple phones at your discretion. Note that BFSFCU will send you verification messages free of charge, but that your phone service carrier may apply data charges. Once the numeric code is delivered, you type it into the prompt and continue your session. This code is only good for three minutes. If you run out of time, you can request a new numeric code to be sent to you.

Phone-based authentication is optional. If you wish to enroll in Enhanced Authentication, please log in to Online Banking, and choose Self Service from the top navigation menu. From the Self Service page, under the Personal Information section, choose Update Enhanced Authentication Options.