Here are some steps to help relieve your financial anxiety:

  1. Make sure you are as informed as you can be about your finances.
  2. Try to find a financial institution or financial advisor that is knowledgeable, that you can trust, and with whom you can work comfortably.
  3. Try to develop good financial habits. Just paying attention to how you spend your money will probably lead to some ideas on how to save more.
  4. Make sure to do the "easy" things. Participating in your company's retirement plan, contributing to an IRA, starting to save early for a college education, enrolling for direct deposit of your paycheck and using some form of automatic saving plan will help you accumulate funds.
  5. Try to develop a "financial plan" of some sort. You may want to tackle one part of your finances at a time, such as looking at all your insurance needs. Breaking a "financial plan" into workable pieces can make it easier.

Whether you are planning for your first apartment or your first trip around the world, BFSFCU’s Resource Center has the information and resources you need to make your money work harder for you. Visit us our Resource Center to learn more.